A Vegan Thanksgiving

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When you’re vegan, answering questions like, “Well what DO you eat?” and “How do you get your protein?” become second nature. I don’t even blink or hesitate anymore. My answers read like soundbites. Not because I’m being a smartass (in this particular case anyway), but just because I’ve answered these questions hundreds and hundreds of times over the years.

My nonvegan friends and family always seem especially concerned for my taste buds this time of year. The regular ole everyday questions are replaced with ones more seasonally appropriate, such as “If you don’t eat turkey, what do you do on Thanksgiving?”

Well here, my curious friends, is the precise meal upon which I stuffed my face today:

  • Many people who’ve never even seen a Tofurkey assume it tastes like shit. Well kids, we all know what assuming does, now don’t we? I assure you, Tofurkey is absolutely dee-lish! I crave it so badly sometimes that I have to go buy one and make a feast for no reason at all. It’s just that damn good!

tofurkey, tofurkey, tofurkey!

  • And we crazy vegans enjoy all the same yummy sides as the rest of you, just minus the insurmountable fat, calories and animal suffering. Here’s my plate full of faves: tofurkey and stuffing with mushroom gravy, mac ‘n “cheese,” baked corn and extra-yummy cranberry-filled dumplings. 

The whole spankin' plate of vegan goodness.

  • And if you know me, you know my obsession for anything and everything sweet…and chocolatey. I make one hell of a non-dairy chocolate cheesecake, but this time I got all wild and crazy and strayed from the recipe. With my ridiculous lack of food prep skills, any improv on my part is quite risky behavior. But I decided to live dangerously today. I made my very first chocolate/raspberry cheesecake. And the result, you ask? I know you’re dying of anticipation. Well, my lovelies, it was pretty much heaven. The pic definitely doesn’t do it justice…

One cheesecake. Two people. And nearly half of it's gone.

Thanks to a lovely friend’s recipe for pumpkin/cranberry cheesecake, I also gave that a shot. To my utter surprise, I was hittin’ 2 for 2 today and this one turned out oh-so-yummy, as well. But as with the choc/rasp cheesecake, appearance is certainly not my forte. If it’s edible, I’m happy. Screw what it looks like. I gave up on trying to capture a usable image for the pumpkin cheesecake so you’ll just have to take my word for it. It didn’t look great, but was truly scrumptious. Thanks, Sarah! ❤

Happy Tofurkey Day!


Happy ThanksVegan!

Whichever you darlings prefer. 🙂


**If anyone would like any of the recipes, just let me know. I’ll be happy to share.**


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another new obsession for v…Urban Decay!

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Thanks, Flickr.

Thanks, Flickr.

I definitely don’t consider myself a girly girl…not in the least bit. I’ve always had many more guy friends than girl friends. I can’t get enough SportsCenter. I grew up a total tomboy, always playing outside in the dirt with the dogs. But at the end of the day, there definitely is that side of me that loves clothes, shoes, good hair…AND MAKEUP!

This is a sad admission, but on days when I’m lounging around and kinda bored, I grab my makeup bag for some fun. Damn, it’s even more sad when it’s in writing.

Thanks, Flickr.

Thanks, Flickr.

As sad as it may be, it’s totally true. Makeup really has a way of upping your mood if you’re feelin kinda shitty.

For me, the first thing I look for when buying makeup is the cruelty-free bunny logo, which means the company doesn’t test on animals. Like I said yesterday, I don’t need a freakin study experimenting on bunnies to tell me where my makeup goes. Eyeshadow on eyelids, not eyeballs. Lipstick on lips, not in mouth. Got it.

I love awesome companies like Urban Decay, who not only refuse to test their products on animals, but they also offer a completely vegan line. And the adorable part about it…they mark all their vegan items with a purple “Marley-Approved” paw print. Soo freakin cute!

Again...thanks, flickr!

Again...thanks, flickr!

I’ve fallen in love with purples and greens as of late and Urban Decay makes the best, brightest colors of shadow. Plus they’ve created a miracle product to go along with it. Their Eyeshadow Primer Potion not only makes the color more vibrant, but it lasts longer, too. But the product’s most amazing feature is that it prevents shadow from creasing. And it bloody works!

So next time you’re lookin for a new makeup line, give Urban Decay a try. Their shiat is pretty, long-lasting and cruelty-free! You just can’t beat that deal, boys and girls.


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