Canadian Official Eats Raw Seal Heart…No Joke!

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I’m not rendered speechless very often, not very often at all. But this story sure as hell left me at a total loss for words…well, temporarily anyway.

Thanx, flickr, for the crazy Jean image

thanx, Dimitri P, via flickr, for the great crazy Jean image

My stunned silence has since passed and I’m now able to say Canadian Governor General Michaelle Jean is utterly disgusting and her actions earlier this week are beyond comprehension.

I’ll start by setting the background. See, the European Parliament understands the annual Canadian Seal Hunt is vicious and cruel. As a result, they voted earlier this month to implement a ban on the selling of some seal products. The EU ban prohibits large scale trading of seal fur and other products throughout Europe. It’s set to be signed into law in late June. 

This ruling apparently did not go over too well with Jean. In her attempt to show support for Canadian seal hunters, the governor general decided to go crazy hardcore…crazy being the operative word here. During a community festival on Monday, Jean allegedly knelt in front of a number of seal carcasses, sliced into one of the animals and then, doing her best Hannibal Lecter impersonation, asked the woman next to her, “Could I try the heart?”

Yes, that’s right people, Jean then proceeded to swallow the raw seal’s heart whole! And animal rights activists are called extreme…really?!

I’m envisioning Jean eating the heart, licking her lips and then asking for a glass of Chianti.


And if you’re wondering whether or not the seal hunt is cruel, watch this video and decide for yourself.


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